The Dawne Switenky Memorial Foundation Inc.

Dawne's Story

Dawne Switenky was a Saskatchewan resident whose story is unfortunately like so many others across Canada. She faced a diagnosis in which the only hope was being added to the Organ Transplant list. As time rolled on, she stayed hopeful, waiting that someone, somewhere would donate their end to her future. She never made it to the top of the Transplant waiting list. It’s all too common a tale. However, Dawne had long ago agreed to become an Organ Donor and her legacy lives on. Dawne's story can help in life-or-death situations and open our eyes. Even when people are willing to help, the existing state of the organ donation system may be a reason why lives cannot be saved.

Deciding to be a donor is the most important decision one can make, and tough enough as it is for families of the recently passed, being asked if their loved ones' organs can be donated is even harder. Yet, families by the hundreds are being deterred from following their loved ones' wishes to become Organ Donors, even at the last step regarding the cost and location of licensed hospitals. So many of us proudly place the Organ Donation sticker on our Health Cards, but almost none of us realize the process that needs to happen before our final wish can be realized. It is time that this changed.



The Organ Donor Creed Card

The new ‘Organ Donor Creed’ is a promise made by the signee of the ‘Angel's Donor Card’. The purpose of the card is to encourage signees to provide clear and concise last wishes in regards to organ donation. It will function as a vehicle by which family members can be informed, and it can help to prevent possible veto of organ donation by family members. The Angel's Donor Card is issued by donating to our cause, and it can be issued for the signee’s lifetime. Additionally, each card may be uniquely coded in order to electronically log the donor’s intent with their medical records.


An Angel’s signature on the registration form is a testament to their intelligence, foresight and love for their fellow man and woman. 

The Angel's Legacy Organ Donor Gift Card

The Angel's Legacy Organ Donor Gift Card

The Angel's Legacy Humanitarian Award

Logan Boulet's Story

The Dawne Switenky Memorial Foundation presented our Annual Humanitarian of The Year Award to Logan Boulet on Thursday, August 23, 2018. (Logan passed away due to a tragic accident in North East Saskatchewan on April 7th 2018). Logan made a very important decision in 2017 to become an organ donor. HIS DECISION not only saved many lives but also inspired people across Canada to become registered organ donors. The approximate amount of new registrations fueled by Logan and the Humbolt hockey tragedy, resulted in nearly 95,000 new Canadian registered organ donors. Logan's inspiration to others is truly a miracle.

Our hero, Logan Alexander Boulet, passed away peacefully on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, SK, due to injuries sustained from the Humboldt Broncos tragic bus crash, but that is not when his journey as an organ donor began. In the summer of 2017, a family friend and mentor to Logan, donated his organs after passing away due to brain trauma. It was his story that inspired Logan to sign up to be an organ donor. 

Logan’s story began on March 2nd, 1997 in Lethbridge, AB. He was the son of Bernadine and Toby and little brother of Mariko. Logan was continuously active with a lively imagination. He loved to learn, ask questions, explore and feed his inquiring, creative mind. Sports were always a huge part of his life as he participated in hockey, rugby, badminton, soccer and curling growing up. He was keen to try out new activities. His last three hockey seasons were played in the Saskatchewan Junior ‘A’ Hockey League. Logan began as a Kindersley Klipper and continued the majority of his career with the Humboldt Broncos. He planned to attend the University of Lethbridge in the fall of 2018, following the footsteps of his parents and sister, with his goal to be an educator like his parents. Logan wanted to give back to his community through volunteering, involvement, coaching and teaching, after receiving so much from others.

Logan always wanted to be defined as more than just a hockey player. He was a devoted family member, a best friend, a student, a teammate, a leader, an organizer, an overall wonderful human being, and yes, also a hockey player. Logan was a creative soul, who loved adventures in his own backyard, across Canada and around the world. He was a quiet, caring and thoughtful guy who never failed to light up the room with his quick wit and humour.

He is loved by so many and is incredibly missed. 

Logan Boulet after they won their first playoff game against Melfort in the quarter finals.

Logan Boulet after they won their first playoff game against Melfort in the quarter finals.