Organ Donor Awareness

The Choice

Two people deciding to make a choice.

Deciding to be a donor is the most important decision one can make, and tough enough as it is for families of the recently passed, being asked if their loved ones' organs can be donated is even harder. Yet, families by the hundreds are being deterred from following their loved ones' wishes to become Organ Donors, even at the last step regarding the cost and location of licensed hospitals.

Quick Facts

Doctor holding an kidney model behind their back.

Organ donation from 1 person can save the lives of up to 8 people. Tissue donation from 1 person can improve the lives of up to 75 people. Approximately 4,500 individuals are waiting for transplants. Each year, more than 250 people die waiting for a transplant. Age doesn't impact your ability to be an organ and tissue donor. Canada's oldest organ donor was 92 and the oldest tissue donor was 102. Donation will only be considered after every effort has been made to save your life. 

Talk to Your Family

Family jumping in the air on the beach.

Even if you have documented your wishes by registering through a provincial registry, it is vital that your family knows about your decision. In most provinces, hospital staff will still talk with the next-of-kin of potential donors about what their loved one requested. Donor families say they are comforted by the feeling that their loved one's death was not in vain.

Haydyn's Letter

My Name is Haydyn

Hello, my name is Haydyn and I am 2 years old. My Grandma's name is Dawne, she is an angel. I only had a short time with my Grandma, she passed away from a terrible lung disorder in 2014. My Father wants me to become a hockey player while my Mother wants me to be a doctor. Maybe I'll be a doctor that plays hockey. Oh ya, I talk to Grandma every day! When my parents watch and listen to me they are amazed at how this is possible. Well it's easy, it's because Grandma is an angel!

Grandpa thinks I'm wise beyond my years. I can do puzzles and drive big trucks and quads. I can make sounds of animals and I can even do a coyote and moose call. I'm good at kicking a soccer ball and shooting a puck. The reason I can do this is because my family loves me. I am the most important person in their life.

Most parents are like my Mom and Dad. They love their children and they want to help them no matter what the problem is. Unfortunately, little children needing organ transplants are at the mercy of another child's and parent's misfortune. I know that if misfortune befalls me and my time comes my Mom and Dad would make sure that my organs are gifted to children in need.

"That's what real angels would do."

Don't worry Mom and Dad already know that I'm an angel. All children are angels. Please become an organ donor angel. There are a lot of Mothers and Fathers with sick children that need our help!

We don't need to take our organs to heaven. It's better to leave them for the future doctors and hockey players. As my Mom and Dad always say "Organ donors are real angels."

Love to all, Haydyn

Baby Haydyn pretending to be a doctor.

Baby Haydyn pretending to be a doctor.

Roadmap for the Trip of a Lifetime

Additional Information

Starting at The "Dawne" of A New Beginning we are traveling through a road map of what people who are waiting for organ donations go through their entire life. The Angel's Legacy Project is the vehicle and YOU are the fuel. The arrival time is just a heartbeat away.

1. Our mission is to save lives.

2. We are offering you a special chance to take the trip of a lifetime.

3. Our precious cargo of open minds and big hearts has to be delivered to Familyville on time.

4. You will need an Angel's Legacy Organ Donor Gift Card to identify you as a co-driver.

5.  The Angel's Project is the vehicle, you are the fuel.

6. Our road map has identified the stop and go lights of each important destination on our trip.

7. We know that "Dawne" will light the way from hope to reality.

8. The road from hope to reality has no rest stops, however this part of the trip may be very quick for some.( "In less than a heartbeat"). Watch out for organ donors that might need a ride.

9. We must arrive on time.

10. Only angels can make this happen.

11. Our mission is to save a life.

Please stay alert and watch for road signs when leaving reality. The right turn will lead to familyville and a life. The wrong turn is a dead end. Please help us make Saskatchewan a Province of ANGELS.

Expand to view the map

Expand to view the map